These innovative fabrics are developed from international leading suppliers, which offer excellent protection to wearers. Waterproof, windproof and highly breathable.


These performance fabrics made from high quality special yarn, which provide excellent wicking function. Makes you stay dry and feel cool.



Polartec ®Power Dry®
Polartec® Power Dry® fabrics are designed to keep your skin dry when you sweat. All materials in this series feature a patented bi-component knit construction which uses different yarns on either side of the fabric. This creates two different surfaces: one side wicks moisture away from the skin and the other side to dry quickly. Anti-microbial finish for odor prevention and very ideally for base garments.
Polartec ® Classic Micro
Polartec Classic Micro fabrics are warmth without weight and highly breathable. They are dries quickly and durable. Machine washable and versatile used for garments.


Invista TM’s  four-channel fiber fabric, which is light weight with superior moisture management. Consumers who wearing Coolmax® will find that it keeps them cooler than any other quick dry fabric.


Thinsulate TM
As for the continuous innovation of 3M, Thinsulate insulation can said to be the warmest thin apparel insulation available. The unique microfibers of Thinsulate insulation are about ten times smaller than the normal synthetic insulations, which helps trapping more air and to retain body’s radiant heat.


Only by Invista TM, this tough material resists tears and abrasions like no other fabric of its kind. It is a high-performance, super durable fabric that is perfect to your outer wear, activewear, backpacks and luggage.


Giving you the feel of cotton with the benefits of modern fiber technology. This
Invista TM’s lightweight, low denier-per-filament nylon, is breathable, quick dry, feel like cotton; moreover, good abrasion and tear resistance. It is an ideal material for trekking and camping clothing.



Vibram® soles are designed functionally and made using rubber mixes suitable for specific mountain and outdoor sports. This high performance rubber sole can offer better grip and wear than similar products in the market.


Schoeller 3X Dry®
3X Dry® is developed by Schoeller®, its treatments combine two advanced technologies into one fabric. On the outside of textile is finished with a water repellent function, whereas, on the inner side, it absorbs perspiration and dries fast.
The two treatments still ensures the air permeability of fabric and good handfeel.


SCOTCHGARD –For Activewear
This is clothing you can live with :
Most stains like spaghetti sauce,wine and coffee come out in the wash.
Protection lasts after laundering.
Fabric remains soft and breathable.
Helps colors stay brighter.
Garment stays looking good longer.
Wicks moisture for enhanced comfort.


Cool First
Quick absorption and quick drying



Toray “Primeflexe TM “Stretch Fabric
High stretchability for a perfect fit with stylistic flair.
By adding a soft feel to high stretchability, Toray’s Primeflex has enough versatility for used in casual to activewear.
Primeflex follows body movements perfectly with its high elasticity.
Super comfort with a soft and smooth touch.
Maintains shape through excellent dimensional stability.
Minimal wrinkling and easy care.



Toray “Entrant DT” Fabric
Toray’s new Entrant DT exploits new potential in the world of waterproof, breathable fabrics. With a unique inner surface treatment, this innovative lightweight fabric has a smooth and refreshing, dry feel, while being highly waterproof and extremely moisture permeable.
The result- greater comfort:
Highly waterproof and moisture permeable.
Windproof and durable water repellent.
Lightweight and packable.
No lining needed.



Toray “ Stunner” Stretch fabric
choose Stunner Stretch fabric for maximum performance and comfort.



Our UPF-rated garments offer very good UV protection
and against the dangerous effects of sun exposure.

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